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IconKit 4.0.1 Retail MacOSX | 2 MB

So you want to include all of your app icons at the correct sizes without having to resize every single one manually? Are you tired of confusing apps? IconKit brings you a great new experience of icon generator for developers and designers, just drag your image into IconKit to start.

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iDatabase 3.3 build 147 | MacOSX | 15 MB

The personal database basic and easy to use for everyone. iDatabase allows you to catalog all the information you want and then easily find it whenever you need. iDatabase offers the most natural and easy way to organize and catalog information and data of your work and your life. With iDatabase for Mac and iPhone you can manage membership lists, expenses, projects, keep track of your internet accounts and much more!

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Apple OS X Server v4.1.5 Multilingual (Mac OS X) | 182 MB
Languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

Designed for OS X and iOS devices, OS X Server makes it easy to share files, schedule meetings, synchronize contacts, develop software, host your own website, publish wikis, configure Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices, remotely access your network, and more. OS X Server is an application you can add to OS X Yosemite right from the Mac App Store. Anyone can quickly and easily turn a Mac running OS X Yosemite into a server that’s perfect for home offices, businesses, schools, developers, and hobbyists alike.

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Winograd TinyBooks Pro 8.1.0 | MacOSX | 4 MB

TinyBooks Pro is a simple, flexible, non-bloated, single-entry bookkeeping and accounting system for the Mac. TinyBooks Pro is designed for sole proprietors, home and other small businesses, and family finances. Unlike many tax-related programs, TinyBooks Pro does not have to be re-purchased year after year. TinyBooks Pro can easily help you with your taxes this year and in years to come.

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Haystack Software Arq 4.14.4 | MacOSX | 21 MB

Back up your files automatically, to your own cloud account, with Arq. Just connect Arq to your own Google Drive account, Amazon Web Services account, SFTP server, Greenqloud account, DreamObjects account, or any S3-compatible server.

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Hackintosh 10.10.5 Yosemite

Hackintosh 10.10.5 Yosemite | 6,02 Gb

OS X 10.10 - the new version of the operating system from Apple, named Yosemite (Yosemite). The operating system has seriously changed externally, and also received many new and very interesting features, many of which work in conjunction with iOS devices. New release, as was noted during the presentation that really brings even more mobile and desktop devices Apple, and also makes sharing even more convenient. In this article we are hot on the trail go over basic and most noticeable innovations of OS X Yosemite.

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Noiseless 1.1.1 build 431 Multilingual | MacOSX | 56 MB

No matter your camera or shooting conditions, give your photos the fighting chance they deserve. Breathe new life into every photo! When taking photos in low light situations, every smartphone, compact camera or DSLR creates "noise", small color or light speckles that can ruin an otherwise cool photo. Noiseless cleans up digital noise fast, with advanced technology to retain sharp details, one-click operation and an affordable price. Make hand-held shots look like you used a tripod!

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MacFamilyTree 7 v7.6 Multilingual MacOSX | 251 MB

Discover your family history! Learn where you hail from, who your ancestors were and find out intriguing facts about your family. MacFamilyTree 7 helps you explore and visualize your family history in many ways - whether you want to display family relationships in reports, charts or our innovative 3D Virtual Tree, MacFamilyTree 7 is the right solution for you.

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mLOGO 4 for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 (Mac OS X)

mLOGO 4 for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 (Mac OS X) | 1.41 GB

mLogo4 is a collection of 30+ 2 high-quality templates to make your logo animation for use in Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. Just drag and drop your logo, change the color, size, position, and more. It works with any image file with an alpha channel. Simple, Effective and ready to use. This is the fourth part of the legendary series mLogo, which includes the latest and most popular trends in their location.

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PDFExplode 1.1 Retail | MacOSX | 5 Mb

Explode your large PDF into many PDFs. Extract pages corresponding to any Table of Contents (TOC) entry in your PDF. For example, extract PDF of any or each chapter in a long PDF text or manual.

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