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Corel AfterShot Professional Multilingual  (MacOSX)
Corel AfterShot Professional Multilingual  (MacOSX) | 183 MB
Languages : English , German, Italian , French and Japanese
Corel AfterShot Pro - a new graphics program that will accompany all your photographic creative process from the time the photo was taken before his second revival on your monitor or in a photo album . The program of integrated management tools various digital image formats , user-friendly interface and lots of useful features that are not inferior to the famous PhotoShop!

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Unity3d Pro 4.5.0 f6 (Mac OSX)

Unity3d Pro 4.5.0 f6 (Mac OSX) | 1.2 GB

Unity - a multiplatform tool for game development, from the very beginning created to facilitate your creativity. Unity provides a comprehensive set of professional quality applications, and "quite accidentally" contains the most powerful engine this side of a million dollars

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Ordinatore Pro 3.3 Bilingual
Ordinatore Pro 3.3 Bilingual Retail | MacOSX | 68 MB
Ordinatore can change your files' and folders' icons and thus make your desktop, documents or any other kind of folder on your Mac look nicer! Have a look at the screenshots to see how your Finder could look like - better organized and unique!

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FotoMagico 4.4.4 Rev.19269 (MacOSX)

FotoMagico 4.4.4 Rev.19269 (MacOSX)
Size: 137 MB

Easy To Learn, Easy To Use as a wedding photographer, you want to make great pictures that tug at the bride and groom's emotions. FotoMagico allows you to flow those pictures freely into a slideshow and to mix them with movies to impress the newlyweds and their families. Sound is just a drag and drop away, too. FotoMagico gives you sophisticated shows with sound and high-end transitions in minutes. Like the Mac itself, it never stands in your way.

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FaceFilter 3.04.2626.1 (MacOSX)

FaceFilter 3.04.2626.1 (MacOSX)
Size: 421 MB

FaceFilter is a beautiful and intuitive interface. Work in the program is very nice and easy . From time to time the products of its kind available on the market, but for today FaceFilter, perhaps , does not know itself competitors on the amount of possibilities and quality of result. FaceFilter analyzes the hundreds of persons who are in its database , and displays the formula of sweet face. The program will do so, that on a picture you will look younger , smarter , kinder, without red eyes , with a different skin color , etc.

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Corel AfterShot Pro (Mac OS X)

Corel AfterShot Pro (Mac OS X)
Size: 182MB

Corel AfterShot Pro is a fast, flexible photo workflow solution that combines robust photo management, advanced non-destructive adjustments and complete RAW processing

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Capture One Pro 7.2.2 Build 29a3235 (MacOSX)

Capture One Pro 7.2.2 Build 29a3235 (MacOSX)
Size: 281 MB

Capture One Pro is one of the most powerful professional converters digital photos in RAW format that supports a wide range of modern cameras . The program allows for single and batch mode to convert " on the fly " file in full-size TIFF (RGB / CMYK) and JPG format, adjust white balance, effectively handle "overexposed " and " underexposed" snapshots, fine- tune the sharpness of the image and eliminate color noise.

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Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.9 (Mac OSX) Incl Patcher

Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.9 Mac OSX Incl Patcher
Size: 2.38 GB

Avid Pro Tools HD 10 - Record, edit, and mix with the world's most advanced audio production platform. For projects that demand the utmost in sound quality and performance, Pro Tools HD software enables you to compose, record, edit, and mix big productions quickly and easily. The software comes with Pro Tools|HDX and Pro Tools|HD Native systems only. What's more, you get all of the same benefits of Pro Tools software 10 along with several additional features and workflows.

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Wondershare Video Editor 3.0.1 (MacOSX)

Wondershare Video Editor 3.0.1 (MacOSX)
Size: 62 Mb

Spice Up Your Home Video with a Taste of Hollywood. The most user-friendly home video editing software, featuring smart and intuitive editing tools that let you create Hollywood-themed movies within minutes.

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