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Faronics Deep Freeze (Mac OSX)

Faronics Deep Freeze MacOSX | 28.63 MB
Faronics Deep Freeze makes Macs indestructible. It protects endpoints by Freezing a snapshot of a workstation's desired configuration and settings set by the IT Admin.With a simple reboot, any unwelcome or unwanted changes are removed from the system, restoring it to its pristine Frozen state.

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Drop 1.01 (Mac OSX)

Drop 1.01 | MacOSX | 5 MB

Pick a color and it will be copied in your preferred format. It's that easy.

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CleanMyMac 3.6 Multilingual (Mac OSX)

CleanMyMac 3.6 Multilingual MacOSX | 40.04 MB
Mac cleaning software. Clean, optimize, and maintain your Mac with the all-new CleanMyMac 3. It scans every inch of your system, removes gigabytes of junk in just two clicks, and monitors the health of your Mac.

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Blue Penguin Business Card Designer 2.31 (Mac OSX)

Blue Penguin Business Card Designer 2.31 MacOSX | 57.24 MB
Design and print your own business cards. Blue Penguin Business Card Designer features an easy to use drag and drop designer, with multiple print modes, beautiful templates and tons of formatting options.

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Alien Skin Software Photo Bundle Collection for Photoshop & Lightroom 12.2016 (Mac OSX)

Alien Skin Software Photo Bundle Collection for Photoshop & Lightroom (Updated 12.2016) | MacOSX | 512 MB
The Photo Bundle includes all of our award-winning photography plug-ins: Blow Up, Exposure, Snap Art, Eye Candy. Each of these products enhances a professional workflow by improving image quality, saving time, and providing creative freedom. In combination, these products are even more effective.

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ActiveState Komodo IDE (Mac OSX)

ActiveState Komodo IDE (MacOSX / Linux) | 245 MB (Total)
Komodo IDE is the first unified workspace for end-to-end development of dynamic web applications. A rich feature set for client-side Ajax languages such as CSS, HTML, javascript and XML, coupled with advanced support for dynamic languages such as Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl, enables developers to quickly and easily create robust web apps.

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The Iconfactory xScope 4.3 (Mac OSX)

The Iconfactory xScope 4.3 | MacOSX | 28.2 MB
Created specifically for designers & developers, xScope is a powerful set of tools that are ideal for measuring, inspecting & testing on-screen graphics and layouts. xScope's tools float above your desktop windows and can be accessed via a toolbar, menubar and/or hot keys.

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SteerMouse 5.0.2 Final (Mac OSX)

SteerMouse 5.0.2 | MacOSX | 4 MB
SteerMouse is an advanced driver for USB and Bluetooth mice. It also supports Apple Mighty Mouse very well. SteerMouse can assign various functions to buttons that Apple's software does not allow, including double-clicks, modifier clicks, application switching, assignment of shortcut keys, "snap to" cursor movement, which moves the cursor to target (such as an OK button), and more. SteerMouse lets you control the cursor's Sensitivity on top of the Tracking Speed.

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Next Limit Realflow (Mac OSX)

Next Limit Realflow | MacOSX | 357 MB
Take your simulations to the next level with the astonishing quality of DYVERSO. Thanks to the powerful new DY-SPH and DY-PBD solvers and the addition of GPU acceleration, your simulations will be lightning fast. Exceed your expectations and build smooth layered meshes, making your simulations more realistic than ever.

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Infographics for Pages By Jumsoft 3.1 (Mac OSX)

Infographics for Pages By Jumsoft 3.1 | MacOSX | 891.7 MB
The Infographics collection contains a wide range of high-quality designs for illustrating your Pages documents. Whether your content is focused on a specific country, explains intricacies of an industry, or presents annual financial results, Infographics is a go-to selection of quality visualization tools.

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