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TomTom Map Activators v1.8.8.5

8:03 pm Comments: Catgory: Applications » Windows

FastActivate 12.03.2012 Version
There are 2 Editions here, Light Edition (Smaller File) If you only need to create .dct for voices/maps or other tomtom products please use the Light Edition , If you need to create .dct's and patch your ttsystem/PNDnavigator/TTHOME .dll or just want to download the full version then please download and run this version Premium edition

AutoActivate 12.03.2012 Version
This is a very easy keygen to use for map/cam/fuel and voice patching only no buttons to press or meta.txt to intergrate, just run and program download latest meta and activate all stuff

Method 1:
1. Plug your tomtom device with the USB to your PC or card reader

2. Copy "Fast/AutoActivate.exe" to your TomTom device root directory for all product activation
(The keygen also works inside a map or voice directory also if needed)

3. Run "Fast/AutoActivate.exe"

4. Done...

Method 2:
1. Plug your tomtom device with the USB to your PC or card reader

2. Run "Fast/AutoActivate.exe" from desktop or any other place

3. Select tomtom drive letter when asked

4. Done...

Method 3:
1. copy "Fast/AutoActivate.exe" and "TT*.BIF" your maps storage

2. Run "Fast/AutoActivate.exe" and all maps and other stuff activated containing all sub directorys

3. Done...

Note 0: If you get trouble running the .exe then "right click and run as administrator". If you use Wince and mapshare p a t c h copy ttnavigator.bif to ttgo.ori  

Note 1: if you have a new meta code what is not in the integrated  meta.txt dated (See in program for date of current meta.txt integrated) and there is a problem with online update meta.txt You must put all new meta codes in a file named mymeta.txt and copy it to the Device/SD-Card ROOT Directory.

Note 2: (FastActivate) This program gets the latest meta.txt after press button "Update meta.txt", so an internet connection is needed for new maps... By default this program uses the meta.txt file integrated (see file name for date)

Note 2: (AutoActivate) This program gets the latest meta.txt automatic, so an internet connection is needed for new maps...

Note 3: If you want to patch TTHome choose "TomTom Home" this  works automatic and no need to search for any files just wait and it  will tell you when done. Also this program can patch ttsystem/PNDNavigator files copy  FastActivate.exe to your device root and choose button  "ttsystem/PNDnavigator" and it will tell you when done.

Note 4: If you are doing a fresh install on internal memory of  navcore and map then you will need to restart the unit once after the  installation of navcore. Before you try and patch the map because your unit will then generate  the needed ttgo.bif file for the keygen to read.  Also if you are  installing to a sd card rather than the internal memory the same applies you will  need to insert the sd card into the tomtom device and reboot before you  patch the map so it generates the needed ttgo.bif file.

Note 5: Program works with TomTom PC emulator.

Note 6: If you want activate maps directly harddisk copy  "TT*.BIF" same directory with "Fast/AutoActivate.exe", then activator  works inside map directory and activate all sub directory too.








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