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College Physics, Volume 2, 9th Edition by Raymond A. Serway and Chris Vuille
College Physics, Volume 2, 9th Edition by Raymond A. Serway and Chris Vuille
Cengage Learning | 2011 | True PDF | ISBN: 0840068506 | 614 pages | 105 Mb

While physics can seem challenging, its true quality is the sheer simplicity of fundamental physical theories--theories and concepts that can enrich your view of the world around you. COLLEGE PHYSICS, Ninth Edition, provides a clear strategy for connecting those theories to a consistent problem-solving approach, carefully reinforcing this methodology throughout the text and connecting it to real-world examples. For students planning to take the MCAT exam, the text includes exclusive test prep and review tools to help you prepare.

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Creative Portraits: Digital Photography Tips and Techniques (TRUE PDF)

Creative Portraits: Digital Photography Tips and Techniques
Harold Davis | English | 2010 | True PDF | ISBN: 0470623268 | 242 pages | 118 Mb

Go beyond the basic rules of photography to capture stunning portraits

Portrait photography is a vital topic for photographers of every level of experience, from amateur to professional. Written by renowned photographer Harold Davis, this inspirational book encourages you to define our own photographic style and capture stunning, creative, and unique portraits.

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What is Psychology?: Essentials, 2nd Edition(TRUE PDF)

What is Psychology?: Essentials, 2nd Edition by Ellen E. Pastorino and Susann M Doyle-Portillo
English | 2012 | True PDF | ISBN: 1111834156 | 707 pages | 102 Mb

With a strong applied focus, WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY? ESSENTIALS, 2nd Edition, captures and holds students' attention from the first page to the last. Ellen Pastorino and Susann Doyle-Portillo, award-winning psychology professors with an infectious enthusiasm for teaching, have found that students who are curious are motivated to explore and truly learn how psychological concepts are connected. This text incorporates the authors' successful and engaging teaching approach, unlocking students' curiosity with compelling, chapter-opening stories of real people that show students how psychology affects their everyday lives. Embedded critical-thinking questions motivate students to continue making connections between personal stories, applications to their own lives, and psychological concepts they will use outside of the classroom. Diversity is addressed in every chapter through integration of issues of gender, race, culture, ethnicity, and sexuality.

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Drawing the Landscape, 4th Edition by Chip Sullivan(TRUE PDF)

Drawing the Landscape, 4th Edition by Chip Sullivan
English | Wiley | 2013 | True PDF | ISBN: 1118454812 | 370 pages | 101 Mb

This elegant Fourth Edition of Chip Sullivan's classic Drawing the Landscape shows how to use drawing as a path towards understanding the natural and built environment. It offers guidance for tapping into and exploring personal creative potential and helps readers master the essential principles, tools, and techniques required to prepare professional graphic representations in landscape architecture and architecture. It illustrates how to create a wide range of graphic representations using step-by-step tutorials, exercises and hundreds of samples.

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Kitchen & Bath Residential Construction and Systems, 2nd Edition (TRUE PDF)
Kitchen & Bath Residential Construction and Systems, 2nd Edition (NKBA Professional Resource Library)
English | NKBA | 2013 | True PDF | ISBN: 1118439104 | 284 pages | 110 Mb

This revised edition of Residential Construction and Kitchen & Bath Systems combines the thorough guides to typical North American building systems for homes for the kitchen and bath industry into one comprehensive, expanded volume, completely updated and revised throughout. Learning to "read a house" is an essential skill for anyone in the kitchen and bath field. This book provides clear, concise explanations of the home's structural systems and components, including the inner workings of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

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Therapeutic Exercise: From Theory to Practice
Therapeutic Exercise: From Theory to Practice by Michael Higgins
2011 | True PDF | ISBN: 0803613644 | 843 pages | 230 Mb


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Textbook of Diagnostic Microbiology, 4th Edition

Textbook of Diagnostic Microbiology, 4th Edition
Connie R. Mahon, Donald C. Lehman, George Manuselis | English | 2010 | True PDF | ISBN: 1416061657 | 1101 pages | 101 Mb

Providing a solid introduction to the essentials of diagnostic microbiology, this accessible, full-color text helps you develop the problem-solving skills necessary for success in the clinical setting. A reader-friendly, "building block" approach to microbiology moves progressively from basic concepts to advanced understanding, guiding you through the systematic identification of etiologic agents of infectious diseases.

Building block approach encourages recall of previously learned information, enhancing your critical and problem solving skills.

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Physical Science, 10th Edition

Physical Science, 10th Edition by Bill Tillery
2013 | True PDF | ISBN: 007351389X | 780 pages | 150 Mb

Physical Science, Tenth Edition, is intended to serve the needs of non-science majors who are required to complete one or more physical science courses. It offers exceptional, straight-forward writing, complemented with useful pedagogical tools.

Physical Science introduces basic concepts and key ideas while providing opportunities for students to learn reasoning skills and a new way of thinking about their environment. No prior work in science is assumed. The text offers students complete coverage of the physical sciences with a level of explanation and detail appropriate for all students.

The sequence of chapters in Physical Science is flexible, and the instructor can determine topic sequence and depth of coverage as needed. The materials are also designed to support a conceptual approach, or a combined conceptual and problem-solving approach. Along with the accompanying laboratory manual, the text contains enough material for the instructor to select a sequence for a two-semester course.

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Mathematical Applications for the Management, Life, and Social Sciences, 10th Edition (TRUE PDF)

Mathematical Applications for the Management, Life, and Social Sciences, 10th Edition (Textbooks Available with Cengage Youbook)
Ronald J. Harshbarger, James J. Reynolds | English | 2012 | True PDF | ISBN: 1133106234 | 1096 pages | 122 Mb

MATHEMATICAL APPLICATIONS FOR THE MANAGEMENT, LIFE, AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 10th Edition, is intended for a two-semester applied calculus or combined finite mathematics and applied calculus course. The book's concept-based approach, multiple presentation methods, and interesting and relevant applications keep students who typically take the course--business, economics, life sciences, and social sciences majors--engaged in the material. This edition broadens the book's real-life context by adding a number of environmental science and economic applications. The use of modeling has been expanded, with modeling problems now clearly labeled in the examples. Also included in the Tenth Edition is a brief review of algebra to prepare students with different backgrounds for the material in later chapters.

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Excellence in Business Communication (10th Edition)

Excellence in Business Communication (10th Edition) by John V. Thill and Courtland V. Bovee
English | 2012 | ISBN: 0132719045 | ISBN-13: 9780132719049 | 672 pages | PDF | 27,6 MB

Learn Business Communication Skills by Example.
Excellent, effective, and practical business communication skills are necessary in order to succeed in today

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