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Conceal and Carry Handguns - May/June 2014 (True PDF)

Conceal and Carry Handguns - May/June 2014 (True PDF)
English | 132 Pages | True PDF | 24 MB
See my irfree blog for wonderful magazine,E-book and wallpaper :

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Saveur - April 2014 (True PDF)

Saveur - April 2014 (True PDF)
English | 92 pages | True PDF | 40.50 Mb
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Saveur is for people who experience the world food first. It was created to satisfy the hunger for genuine information about food in all its contexts. With its emphasis on heritage and tradition, home cooking and real food, the magazine evokes the flavors of food from around the world.

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Psychologies UK - May 2014 (True PDF)

Psychologies UK - May 2014 (True PDF)
English | 148 pages | True PDF | 26.00 Mb

See my irfree blog for wonderful magazine,E-book and wallpaper :

Psychologies Magazine is the first women's magazine that is concerned with what we're really like and not just what we look like. Psychologies magazine's primary aim is to bring you the advice and inspiration you need to help better understand your world and improve your life. You'll find every issue offers interesting features which provide food for thought. If you are interested in the science behind why we act and the driving force behind our motives then this magazine will fascinate you. It is released every month and its mantra is quite aptly know more, grow more.

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Conceal and Carry Handguns - Spring 2014 (True PDF)

Conceal and Carry Handguns - Spring 2014 (True PDF)
English | 132 Pages | True PDF | 20 MB

See my irfree blog for wonderful magazine,E-book and wallpaper :

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The Mikado Method (PDF+EPUB)

Ola Ellnestam and Daniel Brolund, "The Mikado Method"
English | ISBN: 1617291218 | 2014 | 240 pages | PDF, EPUB | 97 MB


The Mikado Method is a book written by the creators of this process. It describes a pragmatic, straightforward, and empirical method to plan and perform non-trivial technical improvements on an existing software system. The method has simple rules, but the applicability is vast. As you read, you'll practice a step-by-step system for identifying the scope and nature of your technical debt, mapping the key dependencies, and determining the safest way to approach the "Mikado"

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Kanban in Action

Kanban in Action by Marcus Hammarberg, Joakim Sunden
2014 | ISBN: 1617291056 | English | 360 pages | PDF + EPUB | 35 +13 MB


Kanban in Action is a down-to-earth, no-frills, get-to-know-the-ropes introduction to kanban. It's based on the real-world experience and observations from two kanban coaches who have introduced this process to dozens of teams. You'll learn the principles of why kanban works, as well as nitty-gritty details like how to use different color stickies on a kanban board to help you organize and track your work items.

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Inside Conducting

Christopher Seaman, "Inside Conducting" 
English | ISBN: 1580464114 | 2013 | EPUB | 288 pages | 16 MB

What does a conductor actually do? How much effect does he or she have? Can the orchestra manage without one? Why don't the players look at the conductor more? Is it necessary for the conductor to play every instrument? What about interpretation? What happens at rehearsals? Why do some conductors "thrash around" more than others? Who's the boss in a concerto: the soloist or the conductor?BR> These are some of the questions that receive lively and informative answers in this book by renowned conductor Christopher Seaman. Composed of short articles on individual topics, it is accessible and easy to consult. Each article begins with an anecdote or saying and ends with quotations from musicians, often expressing opposing views. There are many books on the art of conducting, but none like this. Music lovers wondering what the figure on the podium actually does, and aspiring conductors eager to learn more about the art and craft of leading an orchestra, will all treasure this wise yet humorous book. Christopher Seaman has been successful at both ends of the baton. After four years as principal timpanist of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, he was appointed principal conductor of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and has enjoyed a busy international conducting career for over forty years. He is now Conductor Laureate for Life of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, New York, and he continues to bring great music and wise words to audiences, students, and readers around the world.

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Neurobiology For Dummies

Frank Amthor, "Neurobiology For Dummies"
English | ISBN: 1118689313 | 2014 | PDF | 408 pages | 12 MB

The approachable, comprehensive guide to neurobiology
Neurobiology rolls the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the nervous system into one complex area of study. Neurobiology For Dummies breaks down the specifics of the topic in a fun, easy-to-understand manner. The book is perfect for students in a variety of scientific fields ranging from neuroscience and biology to pharmacology, health science, and more. With a complete overview of the molecular and cellular mechanisms of the nervous system, this complete resource makes short work of the ins and outs of neurobiology so you can understand the details quickly.

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Adobe Edge Animate CC For Dummies

Adobe Edge Animate CC For Dummies By Michael Rohde
English | 2013 | 384 Pages | ISBN: 1118335929 | EPUB + PDF | 11 MB + 34 MB

The easy way to build HTML5 mobile and web apps using Adobe's new Edge Animate CC
Edge Animate CC is an approachable WYSIWYG alternative for leveraging the power of languages like HTML5, CSS3, and javascript to design and develop for the web and mobile devices, even if you have no programming experience. Written by Michael Rohde, the book calls on this seasoned web developer's wealth of experience using Edge Animate CC, and a companion website includes all code from the book to help you apply what you learn as you go.

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Excel 2013 For Dummies (PDF+EPUB)

Excel 2013 For Dummies By Greg Harvey
English | 2013 | 408 Pages | ISBN: 1118510127 | EPUB + PDF | 12 MB + 16 MB

The bestselling Excel book

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