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Android Games [12-29-12]


Air Navy Fighters v2.01

Beat Hazard Ultra v1.5

Bounder's World v0.0.2

Come Puffy v1.0.3

CrazyFist II v1.0 (Unlimited Money)

CRISIS 2150 ADVANCE AdFree v1.10

Defence Effect v1.0.1 + SD DATA

Elements Battle v1.0.5 (Unlimited Gold and Diamonds)

Final Fantasy Dimensions v1.0.0 + SD DATA (Root Only, Google Market Chelpus, USB Debugging Off)

Final Fantasy II v3.0 + SD DATA (Root Only, Google Market Chelpus, USB Debugging Off)

Find the Shapes by KLAP v1.0

Flick Shoot Pro v2.8

Golden Eggs v1.0

Gravity Sheep (Physics 2D) v1.3.3

Hot Speed v1.0.2 (Unlimited Money)

Hunters - Episode One v1.15.0 (ETC) + SD DATA

Mega Jump v1.5.3 (Unlimited Money)

Memory Invaders v1.0.5

Minesweeper Professional v1.17.1

Mysteryville 2 - Hidden Crime v1.6

PITFALL! v1.2.323.3740 (Unlimited Treasure)

Pong and Teddy by KLAP v1.0

Pudding Monsters v1.0.2 (Free Shopping)

SiliBili v1.0.6 + SD DATA

Steampunk Racing 3D v1.1

Stick Stunt Biker v4.2

Super Bit Dash v1.0.13 (Unlimited Coins)

X Construction v1.40

Zombie Frontier v1.07 (Unlimited Money and Gold)

Grim Tales 4: The Stone Queen Collector's Edition [FINAL]
Grim Tales 4: The Stone Queen Collector's Edition [FINAL]
Grim Tales 4: The Stone Queen Collector's Edition [FINAL]
Grim Tales 4: The Stone Queen Collector's Edition [FINAL]
Grim Tales 4: The Stone Queen Collector's Edition [FINAL]
Grim Tales 4: The Stone Queen Collector's Edition [FINAL]| 761 MB
The family saga continues when your nephew Brandon encounters the mysterious Stone Queen in a lonely mountain town. She used to protect the miners here, but now she’s out for revenge! You must discover the truth behind the queen's anger and save both worlds before a greedy heart brings about their destruction. You'll meet new friends, but you'll also face new foes in Grim Tales: The Stone Queen, an intriguing Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game.
 This is a special  Collector's Edition  release full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard version.
 The Collector's Edition includes: 
Hours of bonus gameplay
Integrated Strategy Guide
Beautiful wallpapers and concept art
Downloadable soundtrack




  • Play as a doctor and search for clues!
  • Use your wits to solve puzzles
  • Explore the town of Blackburn
  • Gather clues and question suspects

Release name: Fallen.The.Flowers.of.Evil.v1.0-TE
Size: 340 MB

Release Description:
You’ve seen a lot as a doctor, but after making a simple house call, you stumble into a supernatural investigation. A little girl is suffering a high fever after being attacked by a monster, and she’s not the only one. The city is quarantined as mysterious flowers begin to sprout all over Blackburn. Who’s behind this? How are all the clues connected? There’s only one way to find out, in Fallen: The Flowers of Evil, a mysterious Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Legend of Mystery High Cultures [FINAL]

Legend of Mystery High Cultures [FINAL]

Legend of Mystery High Cultures [FINAL] | 44 MB

As the operator and curator of a museum, you must go on the trail of ancient cultures to locate worthy artifacts to fill and display. Using your match-3 skills and ambition to assemble the very best, you'll navigate through over 100 fantastic levels of challenging game play along the way as you pursue treasures to astound and delight your visitors. It may be easy to learn, but challenging to master.


-Over 100 fantastic levels!
-Infinite gameplay with free play mode!
-Easy to learn, challenging to master!
-Compelling ancient Egyptian theme!


Dark Arcana: The Carnival Collectors Edition [FINAL]

Dark Arcana: The Carnival Collectors Edition [FINAL]

Dark Arcana: The Carnival Collectors Edition [FINAL]|670.5 mb

Find the missing woman lost in a mysterious Carnival of Horrors in Dark Arcana: The Carnival. Investigate two worlds: the one you know and an alternate plane existing behind the Hall of Mirrors. There you'll discover the secret of an ancient being known as the Evil One. Travel through dimensions, reveal the story of star-crossed lovers, and stop the Evil One from breaking its magical chains and invading our world in this exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

-Cute helper monkey
-Two beautifully designed and crafted worlds
-Unique option to switch from HO scene to a minigame
-Hollywood quality animation
-note game is super compressed, it may take awhile to finish extracting





  • Bonus gameplay
  • Integrated strategy guide
  • Wallpapers and screensavers
  • Concept art
  • Musical soundtrack

Release name: Gothic.Fiction.Dark.Saga.Collectors.Edition.v1.
Size: 896 MB

Description: Rescue your daughter and escape a cursed school in Gothic Fiction: Dark Saga! After moving to a small town in rural England, you and your daughter, Hannah, head out to visit a local school. But the brochure didn’t mention anything about the ancient evil lurking there, waiting for one last soul to complete her insidious plan. Can you rescue Hannah before she becomes part of the school’s terrible legacy? Find out in this spine-tingling new Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Description: Knytt Underground, the sequel to the massively popular Knytt and Knytt Stories, is an exciting platform game offers gamers exploration in an infinitely breathtaking atmosphere.

Mixed up in all of this curiosity is Mi – a mute but extraordinary sprite! She develops special powers as the game progresses and embarks upon many exciting quests on her adventure. Her main goal is to find and ring the six bells of fate before time runs out. If she doesn’t a destructive chain reaction will begin that will obliterate the entire planet! There’s one small detail though; the odds are it’s just a superstitious nonsense and the world isn’t really ending.

Genre: Platformer
Publisher: Ripstone Games
Developers: Green Hill Games,

Size: 432 MB
Links: IGNGAMESPOTTorrent Search

Joy Glass - Women of Playboy
51 jpg | up to 1152*1729 | 2 pictorials | 24.54 Mb

Pretty Good Solitaire 13.5.0

Pretty Good Solitaire 13.5.0
PC | English | Developer: GoodSol | Publisher: GoodSol | 10 MB
Genre: Card Games, Solitaire

Pretty Good Solitaire is a collection of 760 solitaire card games, from classic games like Klondike, FreeCell, and Spider, to original games found nowhere else. Pretty Good Solitaire contains a solitaire game for every mood. Whether you want an easy, mindless game or an intellectual challenge, you will find it here.

Note: This update show as v2.0.1.3, but it is actually v1.1


  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash in the inventory screen

Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Wadjet Eye Games
Developer: Wormwood Studios

Release Name: Primordia.v1.1.Update-SKIDROW
Size: 1 MB
Links: iGN – GameSpot – Torrent Search