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The Cat Lady [FINAL]

The Cat Lady [FINAL]

The Cat Lady [FINAL]| 656 MB

The Cat Lady is a new, gory horror adventure game not for the faint hearted from designer R. Michalski, the creator of successful adventure game Downfall. A gripping story, pumping soundtrack, high-resolution artwork and voice acting will engross you on your journey through the strange and often terrifying world of The Cat Lady. 3 years in the making, it's an adventure not to be missed!

Susan Ashworth, known in her neighbourhood as the crazy Cat Lady, is a lonely 40-year old on the verge of suicide. She has no family, no friends and no hope for a better future.


 One day she discovers that five strangers will come along and change everything... But those five, "The Parasites", are also the most ruthless, deranged and cold-blooded bunch of psychopats the city has ever known. They will stop at nothing to hurt Susan. Unless, she hurts them first... 

"A horror story that should be enjoyed for years to come" - Link Dead Gaming 

 Susan's few weeks journey doesn't take her across the world and won't turn her into a hero. She has little faith in others and hardly even cares about herself. She can't fight and has never fired a gun in her life. 

"Susan's character, due in part to some spectacular voice acting by Lynsey Frost, is a remarkably mysterious figure." - The Reticule 

 But she's hanging onto that thin thread of hope, that in the end, as promised, there's an ilusive reward waiting for her. Something worth trying for. Something that'll help her find an unlikely friend. Something that'll give her life a purpose... 

 Susan's journey takes her on a rollercoaster ride between the world of the living and the world of the dead, where the only way to survive is to overcome her biggest weakness: her own self.





Ben 10: Omniverse EUR PS3-ANTiDOTE | 2.35 GB

  Genre: Action | Platform: PS3


Ben 10: Omniverse is the only video game based on the highly-anticipated, Cartoon Network TV series, Ben 10: Omniverse. The brand-new show spans two time periods between Young and Teen Ben Tennyson, and introduces a hero sidekick, Rook.

Mystery Case Files 9: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition SPECIAL UPDATE [UPDATE #3 FINAL
Mystery Case Files 9: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition SPECIAL UPDATE [UPDATE #3 FINAL
Mystery Case Files 9: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition SPECIAL UPDATE [UPDATE #3 FINAL

Mystery Case Files 9: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition SPECIAL UPDATE [UPDATE #3 FINAL

Mystery Case Files 9: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition SPECIAL UPDATE [UPDATE #3 FINAL]| 1345 mb
Uncover the evil legend that haunts a forgotten town in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake! In 1973, something wicked took over the town of Bitterford, Maine, after an unsuspecting inmate unearthed a mysterious object from beneath the prison floor.
 Years later, Bitterford lies in ruin. You must join forces with psychic Cassandra Williams, played by award-winning actress Lea Thompson, to investigate the events that led to the town's destruction.
Only you can expose the evil that lurks in the depths of Shadow Lake. But beware... What you discover may haunt you forever.
 This is a special  Collector's Edition  release full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard version. 
The Collector's Edition includes:
Exclusive bonus gameplay
Unlockable Morphing Objects
Beautiful screensavers & wallpapers
Exclusive behind-the-scenes video
Dynamic casebook and integrated Strategy Guide
**UPDATE** NOVEMBER 28, 2012
We just received a new PC version of Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition that addresses the following: 
>>> Vignette locks won’t reset if changing profiles during HO scenes 
>>>  Church door puzzle won’t crash when closing 
>>>  Credits and typos fixed 
>>> Fixes to prison records room door lock and final puzzle Drag-And-Drop issues
We've received a new version of this C.E. that addresses these issues: 
>>> Fixed bug which prevented the post-credits cut scene from appearing. 
>>>  The screwdriver will no longer be erroneously removed from the player’s inventory in the prison.
***SPECIAL UPDATE!*** New PC Version Available Now! December 20, 2012
As a special gift to all of our Master Detectives, we have released some extra content for Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake Collector’s Edition. 
 There are now two new secret hidden object scenes for you to discover! These HOS can be found in locations already on the Map, but will not be marked with sparkles, so once again, it’s time to put your Detective skills to work.  
 Master Detectives who have already completed the original version will be able to re-open their profile and look for just these new scenes without needing to play through the game again. New players will find them as they travel through the game.


Heileen 3: New Horizons [FINAL]

Heileen 3: New Horizons [FINAL]|47 MB


Heileen 3 continues the story from the end of the second game and takes place in the Caribbean islands. Traveling side by side with Morgan the pirate, Heileen will search for her missing friends, hoping to reunite with all of them.


But that's only the beginning, because the story continues! You'll have a fixed amount of in-game time to unlock a romance or a profession ending! Do you have what it takes to make it? 


The game plays like a raising/dating sim, in which you can learn several different skills and unlock advanced activities. The Virtues/Sins system of the second game is present as well, making every decision you take in the game shape Heileen's personality.









Spirits of Mystery 3: The Dark Minotaur Collector's Edition [FINAL]

Spirits of Mystery 3: The Dark Minotaur Collector's Edition [FINAL]

Spirits of Mystery 3: The Dark Minotaur Collector's Edition [FINAL]

Spirits of Mystery 3: The Dark Minotaur Collector's Edition [FINAL]


Spirits of Mystery 3: The Dark Minotaur Collector's Edition [FINAL]

Spirits of Mystery 3: The Dark Minotaur Collector's Edition [FINAL]|786 MB


A strange crime was committed in the fabulous kingdom. Four magic animals were stolen from the royal zoo. You will have to take on a journey through the magic world to find out, who and why stole the animals. You will also learn about the Dark Minotaur and why it is so dangerous for the magic world


 This is a special  Collector's Edition  release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. 


 The Collector’s Edition includes: 

Bonus gameplay

Downloadable music tracks

stunning wallpapers and screensaver

An integrated Strategy Guide






Fallen: Flowers of Evil [FINAL]

Fallen: Flowers of Evil [FINAL]

Fallen: Flowers of Evil [FINAL]


Fallen: The Flowers of Evil [FINAL]| 361 MB



You've seen a lot as a doctor, but after making a simple house call, you stumble into a supernatural investigation. A little girl is suffering a high fever after being attacked by a monster, and she's not the only one. The city is quarantined as mysterious flowers begin to sprout all over Blackburn. Who's behind this? How are all the clues connected? There's only one way to find out, in Fallen: The Flowers of Evil, a mysterious Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. 


Play as a doctor and search for clues!

Use your wits to solve puzzles

Explore the town of Blackburn

Gather clues and question suspects






Publisher: Activision
Developer: Robomodo
Genre: Extreme Sports


Release name: Tony.Hawks.Pro.Skater.HD.Update.2.incl.Revert.Pack.DLC-SKIDROW
Size: 939 MB


Description: Ever had that itching desire to break out of hell and into the highest reaches of heaven? In Party of Sin, you take control of the Seven Deadly Sins in a coopetitive puzzle-platformer for 1-4 players on PC.
Master a large, dynamic team of anti-heroes — the Seven Deadly Sins –as you forge your destiny on a quest to troll humanity. Envy, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony are all multi-dimensional with special powers useful in many situations.
Swap characters on the fly as you change tactics based on the situation: ALL the Sins are useful in combat, ALL the Sins aid in puzzle solving, and ALL the Sins have coop interactions, both Good and Evil.




Certainly puzzle-a-plenty, Party of Sin features over seventy puzzles to solve. They span four crisp and colorful biblical locales: Hell, Purgatory, Earth, and Heaven. Priggish winged folk banish every Sin from ever practicing their love with humankind, and your job is to inhabit Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, and Wrath to take the angelic legion down to pound town. ALL the Sins are useful in combat, ALL the Sins aid in puzzle solving, and ALL the Sins have coop interactions, both Good and Evil. Adventure: A full 6 to 8 hours of gameplay is provided, in both solo and coop modes. Play over 20 levels on your adventure through Hell, Purgatory, Earth and Heaven. Upgrade your Sins in the shop by collecting God’s forbidden apples. Five bosses like the Demon Narwhal and the Airship Captain stand in your way.



Genre: Action, Puzzle
Publisher: Crankshaft Games
Developer: Crankshaft Games


Release Name: Party.of.Sin-SKIDROW
Size: 905MB
Links: HomePage – Gamespot


Release Description:
Shadow of the Game is a multiple award-winning roleplaying title with a strong focus on interactive storytelling. One of the strongest guilds in a fictive MMORPG is embarking on the last expansion’s final raid to become the highest ranking guild in game. The event is so tremendous that even the MMO’s lead developers at Gizzard are watching the raid on live-stream. Things start to slowly fall apart when the guild’s outcast “Cookie” makes his return sporting an illegal race and bringing power-grinded companions. Friendships are put to the test, internships are on the line, and the gamers are forced to take action in the “real world”.





  • Multi-branching story
  • Interactive dialogue
  • Puzzles
  • Puzzle based combat
  • Original soundtrack and artwork included



Publisher: DeRail Games
Developer: DeRail Games
Genre: Adventure


Release Name: Shadow.of.the.Game-TiNYiSO
Size: 779 MB
Links: HOMEPAGE | STEAM | GameSpot

Loren The Amazon Princess: With The Castle Of N'Mar Expansion [FINAL]

Loren The Amazon Princess: With The Castle Of N'Mar Expansion [FINAL]|97 MB|genre: visual novel


Queen Karen has disappeared! Join the Amazon Princess Loren in her journey to find what happened to her mother.


Play as Saren or Elenor, fight monsters, discover new places, find romance and defeat the evil Fost!


Old school battle system: the core of the game, the battle system is turn based and it's extremely detailed offering lots of strategic options, but at same time easy to pick up, thanks to the user-friendly interface

Original Soundtrack: composed by Matthew Myers and performed by Cristina Vee

Detailed inventory system: manage a full party of characters, equip weapons, armors and jewellery

Skills-based RPG: discover all the powerful skills of each one of the 13 recruitable characters. Each character has a unique specialization skilltree

High replayability: make choices that will have an impact in the story and the final outcome!

Lots of romance options: as either Elenor or Saren you can experience 12 unique romances, including all possible gender combinations

Epic setting: fight an army of demons, undead and other mythical creatures while collecting money and glory!

Beautiful artwork: featuring manga artwork, hand drawn backgrounds and a charming user interface and icons

Huge map and story: travel across the region of Aravorn, from snowy mountains to desolate deserts, from vampire-infested castles to lizard-infested swamps !


Three new playable characters: recruit Sauzer the Master Of Truth, Mesphit The Demonblood and Chambara the Dark Witch

Four new romances: romance Chambara and Mesphit with both Saren or Elenor

New zones to explore: not only the Castle Of N'Mar, but also the Catacombs, the Orcish Village, The Tomb Of Twilight, Cyclopes Hunting Grounds, The Haunted Mines and more, with new enemies and boss fights!

Branching quests: decide how you'll solve the quests. Follow the instructions, or simply decide to eliminate anyone who stands in your path

Different endings: replay the game to the end and discover new different endings !

Character personal quests: find out more about each character's past in their personal quests. Get powerful rewards once you complete them, powerful and unique items!

Rebalanced gameplay: the game skills have been rebalanced. Now the Mages will do the proper amount of damage!