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Release name: [REQ] Enemy Territory Quake Wars USA XBOX360-VORTEX (Region Free)

Size: 6.77 GB


Date: [ 2008-05-30   ]

Platform:  [ XBOX 360  ]

Origin: [ NTSC/USA     ]

region-free ..[ yes ]

Release name: Silent Hill Homecoming PAL XBOX360-STRANGE

Size: 5.94 GB

Release date: 24/04/09           Source: DVD9

Platform:     Xbox360            Region: EU

Genre:        Adventure          Files:  64x100MB

Release name: [REQ] Earth Defense Force Insect Armageddon NTSC XBOX360-COMPLEX

Size: 6.44 GB

Region      : NTSC                  Languages: Eng

Size        : 70 x 100mb            Genre    : TPS

Platform    : XBOX 360              Date     : 07/2011

Release name: [REQ] Vanquish XBOX360-MARVEL

Size: 5.93 GB

Platform : XBOX360

Release Date : 15/10/2010

Playble  : USA & PAL

Release name: Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z XEX Format JTAG RGH ONLY - DoctorWoo

Size: 1.76 GB

Title................: Dragon.Ball.Z: Battle of Z

Genre................: Fighting

Developer(s).........: Namco Bandai

Release Date.........: 24/Jan/2014

Tested...............: No

Format...............: Xex

Install Path.........: Hdd\Content\Games < or where ever you store your xex games.


Since its beginning, Dragon Ball Z was the theater of amazing fights

between Goku, his friends and their enemies, and once again they are all

back for a new rumble. After amazing games such as Budokai Series

Tenkaichi Series & Raging Blast, Dragon Ball Z returns for a brand-new

game where cooperation will be your best ally to defeat terrible enemies

The more enemies you have, the more allies you need and the more fun

you'll get in the all of the modes available!

Release name: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 XBOX360-MARVEL

Size: 6.79 GB

Platform : XBOX360

Release Date : 07/07/2011

Region : Region Free

Release name: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 XBOX360-GLoBAL

Size: 6.79 GB


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Platform...: Xbox360 / RF

Company....: EA

Packager...: That dude down in wallmart

Genre......: Action

Disks......: 1 dvd

ReleaseDate: Nov 16-2010

Players....: at least 1

Format.....: .iso

NetSupport.: TBA

Supplier...: Yes

Languages : .uk at least

Release name: [REQ] Bodycount XBOX360-MARVEL

Size: 6.41 GB

Platform : XBOX360

Release Date.: 26/08/2011

Region .: Region Free

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom PAL XBOX360-iCON

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom PAL XBOX360-iCON
Release: 2010 | Platform: XBOX360 | Publisher: Namco Bandai | Developers: Game Republic (JP) | 6.77 GB
Genre: Action
Languages: EN DE
Format: PAL
Source: DvD9

Release name: [REQ] Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days XBOX360-COMPLEX

Size: 6.28 GB