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Advances in Design and Specification Languages for Embedded Systems
Published: 2007-06-29 | ISBN: 1402061471 | PDF | 358 pages | 5 MB

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Display and Design Ideas Magazine November 2013


Display and Design Ideas Magazine November 2013

English | 144 Pages | PDF | 126 MB


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DDI Magazine offers solutions to help retailers and designers create dynamic, effective store environments. The magazine focuses on store design, visual merchandising, architecture, marketing and branding, with a readership of qualified high-level, in-house retail and contract design professionals. Store planners, visual merchandisers, store designers, independent architects, contract designers and consumer products manufacturers working with high-volume retail chains depend on coverage in DDI for cutting-edge trends, strategies and product applications for store design.


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John DiMarco, Web Portfolio Design and Applications
English | 2006-01-17 | ISBN: 1591408547 | 304 pages | PDF | 8,3 mb

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Daniel M. Brown, Communicating Design - Developing Web Site Documentation for Design and Planning, 2nd Edition
English | 2010 | ISBN: 0321712463 | 312 pages | PDF | 33,8 MB

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Amateur Gardening - 30 November 2013 (True PDF)


Amateur Gardening - 30 November 2013 (True PDF)

English | 52 pages | True PDF | 28.50 Mb


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For everyone who loves gardening

Every week, Amateur Gardening is the first choice for both beginners and knowledgeable gardeners looking for advice and easy-to-follow practical features on growing flowers, trees, shrubs as well as fruit and vegetables. Be inspired, by our beautifully illustrated features covering plant and flower groups, both home grown and exotic, and take a sneak peek into some of the most beautiful private gardens around the country. Plus, every week we feature expert opinion and tips from some of gardening’s most influential exponents including Toby Buckland, Bob Flowerdew, Anne Swithinbank, Peter Seabrook and Jo Whittingham.

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Handbook of Algorithms for Physical Design Automation (repost)
English | 2008-11-12 | ISBN: 0849372429 | 1024 pages | PDF | 20.4 mb

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Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures 2005 (repost)
Springer | 2005-07-14 | ISBN: 1402034601 | 481 pages | PDF | 16,3 MB

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Backyard & Garden Design Ideas Magazine Issue 11.5 (True PDF)


Backyard & Garden Design Ideas Magazine Issue 11.5 (True PDF)

English | 116 Pages | True PDF | 95MB


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Backyard & Garden Design Ideas is designed to provide information and inspiration for people who are embarking on major backyard and garden makeovers. As a result we devote more space to garden design, layout, furniture, products, plants, pools, structures and maintenance than any other publication on the market. Backyard & Garden Design Ideas covers a wide range of topics for the consumer who is doing a complete makeover. Including but not limited to Planning a Garden, Makeover Ideas, Design Advice, Water Wise Gardening, Outdoor Lighting, Pool Design, Outdoor Furniture, Garden Art, Shade Solutions and Paving Options.


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Home South Afirca Magazine 2013 Full Collection


Home South Afirca Magazine 2013 Full Collection

English | 12 Issues | PDF | 657MB


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Home is a practical, inspiring guide for the home and garden that enables people to make their home prettier and increase the value - inside and outside. The magazine makes life easier for people wanting to buy a home, build, or make alterations, or even try their hand at gardening, cooking and decorating. Home doesn't just demonstrate what looks good - it explains what adds value, and why. The magazine offers readers affordable and accessible choices, help with do-it-yourself projects, and provide advice for renovations. It’s for men and women with ordinary lives, ordinary careers and ordinary homes; people who want to add value to their home with a limited budget.

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Photoshop for Interior Design: Living Room Composite-ELOHiM
Released: 2013-11-21 | Author: William Everhart | Size: 842 MB
Genre(s): E-Learning

Reimagine your living room with Adobe Photoshop. William Everhart shows you how to take an image of your existing living room and get a rough idea of what it will look like with different wallpaper, flooring, window treatments, and even furniture and fixtures. Whether you are a professional designer or just a homeowner looking to update the look of your home, you'll find the techniques you'll need here to design your new space, from picking paint chips to lighting.

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