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Gnomon - Maya - Grass and Plant Instancing Part 1 | 4.96GB
Product Code: AAL24 | ISBN: 1-59762-748-8 | UPC: 805366018146 | Duration: 521 minutes

The Gnomon Workshop - Anatomy Workshop: Volume 2

The Gnomon Workshop - Anatomy Workshop: Volume 2
English | Duration: 138 minutes | Size: 6.103 GB
Genre: eLearning

In this lecture, the second title in a series on human anatomy as it relates to figurative art, figure painter and instructor Charles Hu expands on the structure and proportion principles discussed in his first lecture translating them into a live figure drawing studio environment. Charles begins this lecture by discussing the principles of shading and light to describe three dimensional forms, as he will be demonstrating shading techniques later in the lecture.