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Feeder v2.5.5 Mac OS X | 5.7 MB

Feeder is an application for creating, editing and publishing RSS feeds on Mac OS X. Whether it's a news feed for your site or a podcast, Feeder makes it simple. Feeder has everything you need to create and publish podcasts, including full support for the iTunes Podcasting, iTunes U extensions and the ability to include Flattr auto-submit URLs for micropayments. Drag and drop media files to add enclosures, Feeder can automatically tag and add artwork all popular podcast file types including MP3s, M4As, M4Vs and QuickTime movies. Check how your podcast will look in the iTunes Store with Feeder's iTunes Preview.

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HueShifter v1.2.3 Mac OS X | 4.8 MB

HueShifter is an amazing new application for doing color transposition or "color shifting" within images. Unlike other graphics applications, HueShifter works in perceptually uniform colorspaces (Lab and Luv) while letting you select and manipulate colors using dimensions that you're familiar with - hue, saturation and lightness. This allows you to make changes that are imperceptible and that look completely natural, changes that don't have halos and fringe effects around the affected colors.

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Riffle v1.0.0 Mac OS X | 4.5 MB

Riffle is an elegantly simple image browser designed for quickly "riffling" through images to find the one you want. Simply drop a folder of images or files onto Riffle and then scrub through every image in every subfolder as fast as your Mac can read and display their contents. Riffle can even export a PDF catalog of all the images for future reference or to share with someone else. You can choose the catalog page size, number of images per page and even the resolution of the images to keep the file size small.

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