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The Pilates Handbook
Published: 2009-09 | ISBN: 143585361X | PDF | 256 pages | 22 MB

Sylvia Favela - Body Weight Pilates

Sylvia Favela - Body Weight Pilates
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Genre: Fitness

Discover the secret training with their own body weight! This is - a system of training for the Pilates Method with their own body weight, designed so that you can quickly build up strength and endurance corset muscles, improve the overall condition of the muscles of the body and completely change it for only 3 weeks! From the coach: "Hi, I - Silvia Favela, and once I was fat girl with pear-shaped figure, wide hips, long and lanky arms and legs. I had skinny arms, fat belly and loose buttocks. Perhaps you think I ate a dozen cupcakes every day . No. I just wanted to lose weight. And it is very bad. I wanted to flat abs and a strong elastic body. And I did what I could do in order to achieve the desired ... I attended the boxing club and doing day-to- Day one and the same old cardio workout ... - about an hour after weight training. Day after day I did hundreds and hundreds of crunches to the press, but to get only a sharp pain in his back. Why am I telling you all this?'s simple. now my formula for success is: "Strong corset muscles - strong body - should be developed in parallel, on a par with each other, except for injury.