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Christopher Negus, Ubuntu Linux Toolbox - 1000+ Commands for Ubuntu and Debian Power Users
English | ISBN: 1118183525 | 2013 | EPUB, PDF | 368 pages | 7 MB

For many years, it has been a dream to develop a Linux based on Ubuntu. Creating a Ubuntu distro is not difficult at all, if certain guidelines are followed. There are several tools that are required to create the Ubuntu-based distro. With the help of these tools, even the beginners can find it relatively easier to build their own Linux based on Ubuntu.


The installation can be somewhat problematic when it comes to authenticating of the repository key. Again, after passing through this issue, the user can face some more errors during the installation procedure as well. It is a conflicting issue between GUI and GTK of the Remastersys. The user needs to select Remastersys GTK. When it is run for the first time, there will appear a whole lot of warning messages on the screen. Most messages will ask to close any of the applications that are opened. Some messages will also ask for unmounting any of the network shares. If followed the warning instructions properly, then Remastersys can surely be one remarkable option to use for developing Ubuntu-based distro.


If the user wants to create a very specific distributable version of the installation, this is the option to choose.


This is very similar to Dist with a slight modification or higher facility. Here, the user can add some additional files to the Ubuntu-based distro. This is the place to carryout the file customization


After inclusion of additional files using the Distcdfs, the user can use the Distiso button to create an ISO for the distro CD.


This button can be used to take a total backup of the Ubuntu distro installation.

After using Distiso, the user can also use Boot Menu image for installed environment as well user settings. A whole set of different Plymouth themes are provided after Distiso. There are additional features available on the SETTINGS tab like CD naming/labeling scheme, Files to Skip, and Squashfs options. Those who are new to Linux, this is one of the best process to build a customized ISO. In fact, this is one simple procedure to create the Linux based Ubuntu distro.


There is a distro creator tool (web based) available only for $5. It is known as Reconstruct or. This tool also supports Ubuntu (ver: 11.10) OS templates. The most amazing feature of this software tool is that user has the option to select Debian releases instead of Ubuntu. The user can also select from different other desktop environments like XFCE and KDE. After all, it is quite a nice thing to not being limited to the Gnome only.

On the top left side of the screen appears the tag 'Project Name'. There are more options to look out for. Once the 'Project Name' is clicked, additional options gets visible: members, Tags, Modules, Files, and also an Advanced Section. But, the intermediates may not find this tool much comfortable to use without the slightest of guidance. Hence, before using this tool, some guidance is required to proceed in a smoother way.

Ubuntu Builder

For intermediates, this is the best tool to use for developing Linux based Ubuntu distro. It is simply and easy to use.

Beginners should tryout either Ubuntu Builder or Remastersys. These are easy to use and does not feature complicated work interface to deal with. As a result, building Linux based on Ubuntu becomes easier and simpler.

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