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CHESS VIDEOS :: Strategy University - Volume 5

Strategy University by Adrian Mikhalchichin
Volume 5 :: Winning Methods of Great Players
2012 | English | Fritz Trainer DVD | 5h 35m | 1.31 GB

Using ideas and games of great masters from the past, the Ukrainian trainer deals with various themes.

CHESS VIDEOS :: Chess Highways by GM Dejan Bojkov

Chess Highways by GM Dejan Bojkov
2012 | English | Fritz Trainer DVD | 5h 38m | 1.44 GB

Almost all the chess pieces (except for the tricky knights) have the ability to move along straight lines, whether vertically (files), horizontally (ranks) or on the diagonals. These straight lines, which connect different areas of the board and give the pieces the chance to decide the outcome of the battle, are most important in chess, and thus the title - highways. Understanding the abilities of the pieces is absolutely crucial for every player, from beginner to master. In a game of chess you are the general, and the pieces are your soldiers - the better your relationship with your soldiers - the better your results.

CHESS VIDEOS :: Meet the Nimzo-Indian with 4.Qc2

Meet the Nimzo-Indian with 4. Qc2!
by GM Rustam Kazimdzhanov
2012 | English | Fritz Trainer DVD | 4 hours | 828.4 MB

Rustam Kasimdzhanov, the FIDE World Champion in 2004, is pre-destined to deal with the subject of the Nimzo-Indian with 4.Qc2, since he has been extremely successful with this opening both with White and with Black. The Usbek grandmaster has also gathered valuable experience on the subject when working as a second to world champion Anand.

CHESS VIDEOS :: Black Repertoire Against 1.e4 - Volume 1

Black Repertoire Against 1.e4 by GM Jan Gustafsson
Volume 1 :: The Marshall Attack
2011 | English | Fritz Trainer DVD | 3h 45m | 996.96 MB

The Marshall Attack is one of the most dynamic replies Black has at his disposal against 1.e4. At the cost of a pawn, Black takes over the initiative from the get - go and goes after the white king. Wrongly considered to be mainly a drawing weapon by some, this DVD offers many new ideas for Black, showing how to keep the queens on the board and to play for a win in almost all cases.



Barista Training Videos - David Schomer
ENGLISH | Training Videos | 457.52 MiB

These are two videos on barista training by espresso expert David Schomer, owner of Seattle's Espresso Vivace.
While these certainly aren't definitive (there are many ways to prepare coffee), they're very useful learning tools for a dedicated professional barista.
Caffe Latte Art (20 min)
Techniques of the Barista (26 min)