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Lynda.com - Java Essential Training 2011

1:59 pm Comments: Catgory: Tutorials

Join author David Gassner as he explores Java SE (Standard Edition), the language used to build mobile apps for Android devices, enterprise server applications, and more. This course demonstrates how to install both Java and the Eclipse IDE and dives into the particulars of programming. The course also explains the fundamentals of Java, from creating simple variables, assigning values, and declaring methods to working with strings, arrays, and subclasses; reading and writing to text files; and implementing object oriented programming concepts.
Topics include:

Understanding the history and principles of Java
Installing Eclipse and Java
Compiling and running from the command line
Managing memory and performing garbage collection
Declaring and initializing variables
Writing conditional code
Building and parsing strings
Debugging and exception handling
Using simple arrays
Creating custom classes
Working with encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism
Managing files
Documenting code with Javadocs

David Gassner
Developer, Development Tools, Programming Languages
Java, Eclipse

7h 17m
Dec 14, 2011

Introduction 10m 8s

Welcome 1m 3s
Is this course for you? 5m 35s
Using the exercise files 3m 30s

1. What Is Java? 31m 24s

The history of Java 5m 19s
Understanding the principles of Java 8m 28s
Java compilation and syntax 8m 54s
Choosing a development environment 8m 43s

2. Installing the Software 19m 5s

Installing Java on Windows 6m 42s
Installing Eclipse on Windows 3m 19s
Exploring Java on Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard 2m 27s
Installing Java on Mac OS X Lion 3m 27s
Installing Eclipse on Mac OS X 3m 10s

3. Getting Started 46m 10s

Creating a Hello World application 11m 7s
Exploring the Eclipse IDE 8m 55s
Compiling and running from the command line 8m 2s
Passing arguments to the application 8m 17s
Using the Java API documentation 4m 5s
Memory management and garbage collection 5m 44s

4. Using Primitive Data Types 58m 57s

Everything is an object 5m 59s
Declaring and initializing variables 9m 15s
Working with numbers 8m 32s
Converting numeric values 6m 40s
Understanding operators 7m 58s
Working with character values 5m 14s
Working with boolean values 5m 13s
Outputting primitive values as strings 5m 33s
Creating a simple calculator application 4m 33s

5. Exploring Syntax and Flow 53m 40s

Writing conditional code 5m 35s
Using the switch statement 8m 50s
Repeating code blocks with loops 7m 35s
Creating reusable code with methods 6m 31s
Declaring methods with arguments 5m 41s
Overloading method names with different signatures 5m 53s
Passing arguments by reference or by value 5m 35s
Creating a more complex calculator application 8m 0s

6. Working with Complex Objects 20m 30s

Using the String class 5m 44s
Building strings with StringBuilder 3m 34s
Parsing string values 3m 19s
Working with date values 7m 53s

7. Exception Handling and Debugging 20m 44s

Understanding compile-time vs. runtime errors 4m 5s
Handling exceptions with try/catch 4m 55s
Throwing exceptions in methods 2m 50s
Using the debugger 8m 54s

8. Using Data Collections 32m 22s

Using simple arrays 4m 47s
Using two-dimensional arrays 6m 17s
Managing resizable arrays with ArrayList 7m 14s
Managing unordered data with HashMap 6m 5s
Looping through collections with iterators 7m 59s

9. Creating Custom Classes 52m 2s

Understanding encapsulation 5m 59s
Creating and instantiating custom classes 8m 8s
Organizing classes with packages 6m 47s
Creating and using instance methods 6m 52s
Storing data in instance variables 6m 56s
Using constructor methods 5m 40s
Managing instance data with getter and setter methods 8m 26s
Using class variables and Enum classes 3m 14s

10. Working with Inheritance and Polymorphism 41m 15s

Understanding inheritance and polymorphism 9m 12s
Extending custom classes 9m 1s
Overriding superclass methods 3m 8s
Casting subclass objects 5m 3s
Understanding interfaces and implementing classes 4m 2s
Creating your own interfaces 4m 14s
Using abstract classes and methods 6m 35s

11. Working with Files 32m 17s

Managing files with the core class library 7m 46s
Managing files with Apache Commons FileUtils 7m 32s
Reading a text file from a networked resource 7m 52s
Parsing an XML file with DOM 9m 7s

12. Preparing an Application for Deployment 17m 39s

Creating your own JAR files 4m 54s
Understanding the classpath 5m 2s
Documenting code with Javadoc 7m 43s
Conclusion 47s
Goodbye 47s















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