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AVi | MP3 VBR | 170MB
Season 5 , Episode  7 - "Gramps DeMamp Is Dead"
Adam’s grandfather dies, so he and his father set out to give him a proper funeral.

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AVi | MP3 VBR | 160MB
Season 10, Episode 07 - "Mac Kills His Dad"
Mac’s dad, Luther, is listed as a murder suspect; Mac investigates the murder in an effort to clear his father’s name.

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AVi | MP3 VBR | 340MB
The 100 S02E14 480p HDTV x264-mSD
MKV | 19MB | ACC
AVi | MP3 VBR | 340MB
Season 2, Episode 14 - "Bodyguard of Lies"
A dangerous roadblock is encountered by Jaha and Murphy. Meanwhile, Bellamy races against time.

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AVi | MP3 VBR | 175MB
Season 1, Episode 15 - "The Dozens"
Dre’s advice to Andre Jr. for handling a bully at school works a little too well; at the same time, Diane’s fear of the dark causes Bow to lose much-needed sleep.

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AVi | MP3 VBR | 350MB
Season 01 , Episode 8 - "The Lyon’s Roar"
It’s time for the Lyon family to come together to record a legacy album with Lucious, Hakeem and Jamal, who steps into the spotlight with news that surprises everyone. Meanwhile, Cookie and Camilla finally come face-to-face; and Andre struggles with some inner demons.

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AVi | MP3 VBR | 340MB
Season 16 , Episode 16 - "December Solstice"
A woman is accused of abusing her elderly husband, who’s a famous author, and his health and his fortune become the focal points of a battle between his wife and his daughters from previous marriages. Meanwhile, Barba defies his grandmother’s wishes.

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MKV | AC3 CBR | 708MB
AVi | MP3 VBR | 170MB
Season 4 , Episode 09 - "An Officer and a Gentle Ben"
Bonnie gets a marriage proposal from her special Fleet Week buddy. Meanwhile, Ben and Tucker pose as sailors; and Riley begins to regret arranging a date for Danny and her coworker.

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MP4 | AAC VBR | 175MB
AVi | MP3 VBR | 175MB
Season 02 , Episode 14  - "Barry Goldberg’s Day Off"
Barry fakes being sick in order to have an epic adventure like the one in the film "Ferris Bueller’s Day Off," except things don’t go as planned and turn from bad to worse when Pops and Adam get involved.

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MP4 | AAC VBR | 197MB
AVi | MP3 VBR | 350MB
Season 01 , Episode 16 -  "The Mystery of the Exsanguinated Ex"
Laura’s ex-fiancé becomes a murder suspect in a former beauty queen’s stabbing death. As Laura reminisces, the investigation leads the team into the world of holistic healing.

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AVi | MP3 VBR | 170MB
Season 04 , Episode 09 - "Being There"
Joe bans cell phones and computers in an effort to increase family bonding. However, he finds himself in a difficult situation when he needs to return an important phone call about a job offer.

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